Thursday, November 29, 2007

Fried fish in soy sauce and ginger

Fried fish in soy and ginger
-2 fish fillets; fillet across the fish(width-wise), pat fish fillet dry using kitchen towels and season with salt and pepper
- scallions

-3tbsp dark soy suce
-drizzle of cooking wine
-drizzle of sesame oil
-1tsp crushed ginger

- some all-purpose flour mixed with corn flour

1. Heat oil at medium-high in frying pan. When ready to fry, coat the fish evenly with flour mixture, and slide down into the pan from the sides (sliding action is to prevent oil splatter on yourself). Since I was using a wide-based pan when even the oil is not sufficient to cover the entire fillet, the trick is to fry each side of fish for 2-3mins at medium-high heat. Do not turn fish frequently. When done, set aside on plate
2. In a clean sauce pan or the above frying pan(drained alway majority of the oil used to fry the fish), add in sauce ingredients and simmer at low heat till aromatic.
3. When slightly reduced, pour sauce over fish and serve.

Cooked to perfection - slightly crispy lightly crusted outside, yet cooked and moist on the inside. With that traditional Chinese-style sauce of dark soy and ginger, MORE RICE, please!

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