Thursday, October 04, 2007

Spicy crispy roasted chicken wings

This should go well with Nasi Lemak or Sambal Seafood Fried Rice

Baked/Roasted Spicy Chicken Wings
Ingredients: galangal powder, crushed garlic, turmeric powder, crushed ginger, coriander powder, curry powder, sambal belacan, some lime juice, salt

WOOPS! I did not measure the quantities as I just added dashes of them into the mixing bag with the chicken wings. As a gauge, the proportion ratio should be about 1: 1.5 : 2

The quantity and proportion equation...for 1: 1.5 : 2 ratio
galangal powder = crushed garlic = turmeric powder < crushed ginger = coriander powder < curry powder = sambal belacan

Hope I have not confused you with the Math :P

Directions: Marinate for at least 2 hrs or more. When ready to bake, preheat the oven. Place chicken on a foil pan and drizzle some olive oil on it. Roast/bake at 325F for 25-35mins, then last 5mins, increase temperature to 350-360F for added crispiness. (Note: the oven temp may depend on the parts of chicken you have used. Some chicken parts have thicker portions of meat and may take longer to cook).

Outcome: delicious. Spicy to perfection - not too overpowering. Combination of spices...miraculous! Moist in the inside, crispy on the outside

Guilt: None (IMO only)

Justification: Deep pool of frying oil not required. Deep-frying pan not required. No splatter of oil on the kitchen stove and floor. Just need a temperature-controlled oven.

Hmmm...when there is no guilt, where comes the justification? No need! DUH! :O

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