Thursday, June 07, 2007

Soba Noodles and Mushrooms in Green Onion/Ginger

Soba Noodles and Mushrooms in Green Onion/Ginger Sauce (according to 1 serving)
-soba noodles, boiled and cooked according to instructions
-some brown and white beech mushrooms, cleaned and blanched
-edamame beans
-some toasted nori/seaweed
-some green onion and minced ginger sauce
-more green onions, julienned (option)

The condiment, acts like a savory-dressing. Complements well with this hint-of-sweet-and-nutty-flavored buckwheat noodles. Leads to the addiction.

How to
Toss soba noodles in 1/2tsp of green onion and ginger sauce and mix in some green onions (if you prefer-this is an option). Toss blanched mushrooms in the remaining 1/2tsp of green onion and ginger sauce. Top the noodles with mushrooms. Garnish with cooked edamame beans, and toasted nori/seafood. Serve warm. But if it's slightly cold, it will be alright since soba is traditionally meant to be eaten cold. To enhance full flavors, best to mix everything together, and *swoop and swurp* the noodles. :)

Little green "jade" jewels surrounding the soba. Does it look pretty?

With the savory toasted nori/seaweed, and sweet edamame beans, it's well-balanced in simple, and natural flavors. This is my entry for Presto Pasta Night.

Enjoying good, simple food should be one of life's central pleasures, amidst under the "seductive" assault by the fast-paced world obsessed with haste and hurry. Tasty food can be that simple. If you have more time, you could try the stir fry version of udon here. After doing both dishes, I prefer this soba dish because I do not have to heat up a pan or wok and add in any oil to cook. ;p

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