Sunday, June 10, 2007

Slow cooked pork ribs with salted soy beans

Slow cooked pork ribs with salted soy beans-tau cheo, garlic and chilli (serve ~4)
- 1.5-2lb pork ribs
- 1-2 tbsp salted soy beans, mashed
- 3-4tsp minced garlic
- 3 red chillies (chopped)
-1tsp crushed ginger
- dash of black vinegar
- dash of sesame oil

- 1tsp cane sugar
- 1tbsp shaoxing cooking wine
- dashes white pepper
- 1-2tsp corn starch
-1tsp dark soy sauce
(Marinate pork ribs and leave in fridge for about 1 hr)

1. Heat some oil, stir fry garlic, chilli, mashed soy beans and ginger until fragrant.
2. Add seasoning and mix well
3. Add in marinated pork ribs into the slow cooker and top will garlic+ chilli+ soy bean mixture
4. Cook on high 45mins, then turn to low and cook for 1-2 hrs

Juicilious - ribilicious. It has a strong garlicky flavor but does not overpower the entire dish.

Often seen, served as a rice set in some Chinese food stalls serving double-boiled soup-back in Singapore. This can be "categorized"as one of my comfort favorites amongst this, this, this, and this.