Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Tom Yum glass noodles

Tom Yum Glass Noodles (serves 2)
-4-5 oz bean thread glass noodles/mung bean vermicelli
-8-10 medium size prawns/shrimps
-1 block firm tofu
-1 pack enoki mushrooms
-1-2tbsp tom yum paste
-1 stalk lemongrass, use bottom part only, slightly "bruised" to release the flavor
-ground pork (option - I added some since I have leftovers)

1. Soak the glass noodles in warm water for ~15mins, till soften
2. Heat some oil in the pan, add lemongrass and fry till aromatic. Then add Tom Yum paste, tofu and fry for 2-3 mins (Note: I also added my leftover pork in this step)
3. Add some water(adjust according)
4. Add in prawns into the Tom Yum soup mixture, then add in glass noodles into the Tom Yum mixture and allow the entire Tom Yum mixture to come to simmer
6. Serve immediately, with some vegetables

This is my entry for Presto Pasta Night. Thanks, Ruth...for hosting such a great event.

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