Thursday, March 01, 2007

Mui Fun - Rice with seafood and egg gravy

Mui Fun - Rice with seafood and egg gravy (serves 2)
-2 rice bowls cooked rice
-6 medium-sized prawns; shelled and deveined - marinated with a pinch of salt, pepper
-4 scallops - marinated with a pinch of salt, pepper
-1 piece chicken thigh meat; sliced to bite-size -marinated with drizzle of sesame oil
-0.8-1lbs bok choy and bok choy-sum , washed and cut into sections of stalks/stems and leaves
-straw and button mushrooms, drained - if whole mushrooms, cut into halves

-1/2tsp crushed garlic
-1/2tsp crushed ginger
-1 tbsp cornflour mixed with 1/2 cup water
-1/2cup chicken broth
-2 eggs
-pepper and salt to taste
-oil for cooking

1.Heat oil and saute scallops till cooked, set aside (for jumbo big scallops, cut into bite-size after saute)
2.Continue to saute prawns till cooked, set aside
3.Add more oil into frying pan and fry the chicken till cooked. Add in garlic, ginger and fry until fragrant.
4.Pour in broth and bring to the boil. Simmer 5mins.
5. Add in mushrooms, and vegetables and when gravy comes to a boil, add in the cornflour mixture. Bring gravy back to boil
6.Add in the cooked prawns and scallops. Season to taste.
7.Turn off heat and crack in the 2 eggs, stir to cook the eggs
8.Dish gravy onto the rice

Tuck in !

Not enough egg gravy? Ok, give you more gravy. Enough ?