Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Chinese-style miyuk guk- wakame soup

Chinese-style miyuk guk- wakame soup (serves 2-3)
-less than 1 handful/palmful of dried vegetable, soaked to hydrate(one handful dry yielded so much)

-1 small block silken tofu, drained and cut into strips
-4 fresh shitake mushrooms, wiped with damp cloth, stalks removed
-half a bunch of enoki mushrooms
-1/4lb(or slightly less than 1/4lb) ground pork (just to flavor the soup, add some sweetness). (Note: The real Miyuk guk has beef in it)
-1 egg, lightly whisked
-1tsp shaoxing wine
-1tsp cornflour
-3tbsp black vinegar(option)
-300-400ml water
-dashes of pepper, to taste

Aren't these healthy, nutritious ingredients?

1.Add wine and cornflour into the meat to lightly marinate and flavor
2.Boil water in a small soup pot. When boiled, add the meat, assorted mushrooms, and tofu; cook and return to boil for 5-7mins

3.Add the hydrated wakame to the soup, and cook for 2-3mins
4.Add in the beaten egg slowly
5.If you like the sour taste of Szechuan Hot and Sour Soup(四川 酸辣汤), you can add some black vinegar to the soup, at this time. I did, because the truth is... (...I was craving for 四川 酸辣汤 but did not have all the ingredients at hand, so I made this soup as a substitute instead. There is no "Hot" portion of the Hot and Sour Soup in this "beauty" soup, but it was good enough for me.)