Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Sambal tapioca leaf

Sambal tapioca leaf (serves ~2-3)

~1lb tapioca leaves; wash thoroughly and peel off tough bark (I seriously advise peeling off the tough bark on the stems, or cut off the stems. I did not, and the stems were rather tough to bite and chew on after cooking)
-1tbsp sambal chilli belachan
-1tsp dried shrimps; soaked in warm water, rinsed off, then finely chopped
-some warm water

1.Heat pan with oil on medium heat
2.Add in sambal and dried shrimps, then fry quickly for 1-2mins. Add in some water if mixture is too dry.
3.If you have cut the stems from the leaves and want to eat the stems, add in the stems first to fry for 2-3mins
4.When stems start to soften, add in the leaves and fry for another 1-2mins
5.Goes well with rice, so serve immediately

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Anonymous said...

U get these leaves in California??

tigerfish said...

Hi pablopabla, or shd I call you Mr.Hojiak ? :p
Yes, got these from California. You are surprised ? But not every vegetables can be found here....eg. no kang kang....
and the spinach is chinese spinach "puay leng"....not the usual spinach...

Anonymous said...

Hi, just to let u know, it's not a tapioca leaves. It's sweet potatoe leaves. Tapioca leaves doesn't look like kangkong. hehehe.. Suprising you didn't know the difference.