Monday, May 26, 2008

Fried Crabs, Typhoon Shelter Crabs

Typhoon Shelter Crab - 避風塘炒蟹

Fried crab with fried garlic, mixed with scallion, red chili and black beans

The famous dish typhoon shelter-style fried crab (避風塘炒蟹 Bi Feng Tang Chao Xie), is served in a lot of Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong. This dish is believed to be originated from typhoon shelters, invented almost 30 years ago on a sampam.

While Singapore Chilli Crab hails a symbolic gravy, Typhoon Shelter Crab pins it on fried garlic and black bean. The supposedly secret is that the minced garlic will be soaked in black bean sauce overnight and gives the intense flavor when fried with the crabs.



lalaine said...

Darn! I am allergic to crab! This looks so good I think going to work with my eyes all puffed up (that's what crab does to me) is worth it! Do you think the recipe will work with shrimp (I don't know why but other shellfish, I am ok)?