Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Shitake, trumpet, beech, mushrooms in triple colors

I felt like this dish today. Something light and familiar. Familiar because I've always had the "privilege" to just sit down and enjoy this simple and tasty dish back home. Now, I need to do all the work, from the vegetable preparation (cleaning, slicing, cutting - this takes the most time!) to the "wokking".

It is homely satisfaction to be able to pick up each bit-and-piece using the chopsticks and nibble greedily; or using a spoon to devour by the scoop-fuls :D

A healthy colorful combination of celery, carrots, sliced red chili...

and mushrooms (a variety of fresh king trumpet, shitake and honshimeiji mushrooms)

Cut the king trumpet mushrooms and shitake into smaller pieces

Mushrooms Medley with Triple-Colored Vegetables
- 2 stems of celery, washed and cut into small pieces
- 1 carrot, washed and cut into small pieces or into very thin shreds
- 1-2 sliced red chili, cleaned with seeds removed
- Fresh mushrooms fresh (I use king trumpet, shitake, honshimeiji), cleaned and cut close to size/shape of the vegetables
- 1-2 garlic gloves, sliced thinly
- some ground pork ~ option (Note: If you are vegetarian, you can omit this)
- some white pepper

-2 tsp soy sauce
-1 tbsp oyster sauce (Note: If vegetarian, opt for vegetarian alternative)
- water/stock, adjust accordingly

1. In a lightly oiled pan, fry the garlic till fragrant, then add celery, carrots and red chili, followed by mushrooms and meat
2. Fry and mix well in the pan (~3-5mins) then add water and seasoning. Allow it to simmer till vegetables and mushrooms are tender and cooked, mixing well in the process
3. Finally, just a dash of white pepper to enhance the aroma

Good with rice and even as-is!

Is there anyone who does not like celery ? I like to use them in soups and stir fries. And how do you describe the taste of celery ? It's unique, isn't it ? Now, this dish has got a taste of fresh vegetables and light earthiness of mushrooms. It's a mildly sweet dish combined with savory seasoning, and celebration of wonderful textures ~ from light crisp of perfectly-cooked celery bits to the tender of mushrooms.

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