Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fish fillet recipes, and the battle with whole fish

The battle of fish fillets vs whole fish ! Steamed fish fillet rolls , steamed halibut fillets, pan fried fillets, I realized I have been dealing with fillets all this while in my home kitchen. While I can easily get hold of fish fillets in the US grocery stores and whole fish from some of the bigger Asian-based grocery stores (eg Ranch99) in California, USA, I realized I never ventured into cooking whole fishes (with heads and eyes intact) at home before!

How about you ?

There is a short video snippet in TIME magazine about General Tso Chicken. OK. What's that got to do with FISH??? You have to listen to that interview.

If you want to hear more about why Chinese food should not be orange (the color, I mean); General Tso Chicken VS Colonels Sanders; "...American like only fish fillets - no eye balls..." , do check out the "...I want no eye balls staring at me..." video here. I found it interesting - especially the food culture in different countries. Give me your comments on what you hear and by what you understand.

Oops, blame it on my poor skills, I tried...but I could not embed the video here for your easy viewing. I could only direct you to the link (above). Sorry...

NOW, if you ask I like my fish with eye balls ? Well, I do not mind. I'll eat as long as it is a fresh fish and well-cooked. :D

Thai-style Steamed Fish

Japanese Grilled Fish

They all have eye balls staring at me but I don't care! HA!

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