Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Honeydew sago and bur bur cha cha - cantaloupe, sweet potato in coconut milk

It is so hot and toasty these days and with some cantaloupe and sweet potato, I tried making this dessert - a combination of bur bua cha cha (have you heard of this dessert?) + honeydew "sago". I did not have sago or tapioca pearls. Guess what I added? Snow fungus, white fungus. Well, they are translucent like "pearls" too - but they have a less starchy texture compared to sago/tapioca pearls (wooo...I love tapioca pearls in bubble tea!). Find details here.

Anyway, this cold dessert can satisfy me during a toasty week.

The "bur bur cha cha" effect because I added sweet potato, "honeydew sago" effect since I added some cantaloupe!

There are some recent research studies on sweet potato that showed the unique root storage proteins in sweet potato is related to significant antioxidant capacities. As for cantaloupe, it has water-soluble antioxidants - Vitamin C, and fat-soluble antioxidants - beta-carotene and vitamin A. This will make a good antioxidant rich, cold dessrt on a hot toasty week.

A mixture of soft (sweet potatoes), and "crunch" textures in one spoonful.

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