Thursday, September 27, 2007

Abalone Chicken Porridge or Congee

Abalone Chicken Porridge or Congee

Ingredients: chicken (leftover shredded, or wings), dried scallops, abalone cut into slices, rice for cooking porridge

Directions: Boil the chicken with dried scallops, set the chicken aside and keep the chicken stock. Use the chicken stock to boil and cook the rice to porridge (time depends on how you like your porridge). If you like it real gooey, you can cook it for a longer time.

When the rice porridge starts to cook, add in the chicken and the abalone "broth" and continue cooking. That's it, simple right?

Wanna a bowl ? I think I'm cooking this again - the same thing, same dish, using that last (and second) can of abalone. Reason: The photos did not turn out well the last time, so I hope I can prepare this again and take my last (also second) shot at this dish. REAL reason: I'm lazy to think of coming up with anything new. FACT: I just want to eat abalone porridge again! Whose ABS are ALONE ?