Thursday, August 02, 2007

Pan fried radish/turnip cake

Pan fried radish/turnip cake (serves 2)
-Ready made turnip/radish cake (available in some Asian supermarkets, together with the frozen buns sometimes)
-2 eggs, whisked
-green onions, chopped finely

1. Cut the radish/turnip cake into rectangles
2.Add the chopped green onions in the whisked egg
3.Heat some oil in a shallow frying pan. Add the rectangular pieces of radish/turnip cake in the eggs and mix them well for coating to spread evenly
4.Add 5-6 pieces at one time. Pan fry 2-3 mins one side till browned, then flip over and fry 2-3mins other side, till browned
4. Serve warm

Dipping sauce to recommend : Chilli sauce (garlic, or sweet...your preference)

Crispy egg edges and firm cake texture. I prefer my carrot cake "cubes" to be softer.