Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Halibut and asparagus soup

Asparagus & Fish Soup (serves 2)

-2 fish fillets (I used halibut this time), seasoned with salt and pepper, pan fried; then sliced to smaller pieces. Set aside.
-3-4cups diced onions
-1tbsp pancetta, finely cubed
-~1lb asparagus, woody ends removed
-1tbsp wolfberry (goji berry)
- 3-4 cups chicken broth
- water, adjust accordingly
- dashes black pepper
-1 stalk spring onions, chopped finely (garnish)
-cilantro leaves, chopped finely (garnish)
-1 red chili, sliced finely (garnish)
-1tsp fried shallots (garnish)
-1 cup Jasmine rice (cook as per normal)

1. Cook rice as per normal
2. Heat oil in heavy pot at low-medium heat and cook the pancetta until the edges begin to color a bit. Scrap it out, leaving the oil behind.
3. Add the asparagus stir fry with the oil, till the asparagus are lightly colored, and cooked to tender (al dente state). Set aside the asparagus.
4. With the remaining oil, stir fry and cook the onions slowly, until they are soft and translucent
5. Then add the stock, and water, dash of pepper and bring to a boil. When boiled, turn down hear and bring to a simmer
6. Add in wolfberries, and add in asparagus and mix well. Cook for 2-3 mins, then turn off heat
7. Top with pre-sauteed fish slices, and garnish with spring onion, red chili, fried shallots
8. Serve with steamed rice.
(Note: If you prefer a rice soup, you could pour the soup over the cooked rice, top with pre-sauteed fish slices, and garnish with spring onion, red chili, fried shallots. I ate it this way)

Asparagus, goji berry, cilantro, green onions, red chili, fried shallots...but cannot see the fish

Now you can see the fish

A spoonful of goodness

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