Monday, July 16, 2007

Vegetarian Beancurd Roll

Vegetarian Beancurd Roll (makes ~6 rolls)
- some beancurd sheets, and nori sheets (Note: If you cannot get beancurd sheets, you can substitute by spring roll wrappers, but you may have to deep-fry the final product)
-1 pack regular firm tofu
- 1-2 cups brown crimini mushrooms, chopped finely to small pieces (Note: Substitute with shitake mushrooms if you wish)
- 1 stalk of celery, cleaned throughly, chopped to small pieces
- 1 cup mixed (frozen) vegetables - corn, carrots, peas and/or long beans
- 1tbsp oyster sauce
- salt and pepper to taste

1. Heat a little oil in a saute pan and stir fry the mushrooms, celery and mixed vegetables. Add in oyster sauce and some salt and pepper to taste
2. Turn off heat and allow the mixture to cool.
3. Meanwhile, mash the tofu in a deep mixing bowl. When the vegetable mixture has cooled slightly, add the mixture into the mashed tofu and mix well

4. While waiting for mixture to cool, prepare the beancurd sheets (Note: available in most Asian supermarkets) and nori sheets

5. Wrap the rolls like what I did to my shrimp rolls
6. Steam the rolls for 6-8mins to soften the beancurd skin and warm up the entire tofu fillings (Note: If you have uncooked meat in the rolls, steaming is one way to cook the meat before deep-frying. Usually, the deep-frying, particularly if the rolls are big and fat, is done just to give that nice golden brown outer on the rolls, and not to cook the meat inside the rolls)

7. Before serving, bake and warm in oven, ~5-8 mins, to get some crispness on the rolls (Note: This will also ensure your guests are always served warm food)

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