Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Curd Noodle Salad

Curd Noodle Salad (can be appetizer or main dish)
- a pack of curd noodles, blanched in boiling water, to soften and "loosen up" the noodles
- celery, washed/cleaned thoroughly and julienned to thin strips (Note: I use a peeler to help me achieve the "noodle-effect" in my celery. It'll be so much easier to enjoy the salad this way since the celery strips and noodle strands will not "segregate" on their own when tossed as a salad)

- some dried shrimps, soaked in warm water to soften, then chopped into small bits (Note: You can pre-fry the dried shrimps, or if you already have pre-fried dried shrimps, use them. But my objective here is to have less stove-top and oil-free cooking, thus I just use pre-soaked/soften dried shrimps)
- some sesame oil
- dashes of pepper
- pinch of salt, to taste

How to: Place ingredients in a bowl, toss and mix well. (Note: If having it later, you can keep in the fridge for up to 2 days)

There you go, a healthy, nutritious noodle salad...enjoy :)